How to Get Free Money

At some point in our lives we all ask: How can I make money in an easy way? While there are many ways to make money, most of them include working hard and over a long period of time. Do a quick search online and you’ll find thousands of amazing offers, tips on how to become millionaire within a week, or how to make five-digit numbers without lifting a finger. The reality is, most of these offers are nothing but scams. In this article we are going to look at some ways to make money for free, the unconventional way.

Complete Surveys

Your opinion matters. There are thousands of websites looking for people to do surveys, offering gift cards or PayPal cash in return. Do a quick research online and find good, yet believable offers. Any 15-minute survey offering $1000 should be avoided. Pages worth checking out include MyPoints, Swagbucks and

Make Investments

Another way to make money for free is making investments. All you need is a small starting capital of a few dollars. Investing them in companies on the rise can grow your investments over time. While this won’t make you a millionaire overnight, having good analytical skills can help you earn money while doing whatever.


Thirdly, money can be made for free through interest. Lending your money to the bank will grant you an interest rate of a few per cents, growing your cash pile slowly and steadily. While investments are risky, earning money on interest rates is close to risk free. Check out the rates of different banks to find the offer most suitable to you.

Sell Stuff

As a race we’re all hoarders. You’ve probably got heaps of clothes, toys and decorations you don’t need. Our houses are filled with stuff for no particular reason. One way to earn money for free is selling away everything you don’t use. Using apps or websites you’ll quickly be able to sell away stuff to your neighbors or someone across the globe. A $10 decoration is more useful as a $10 bill than as an object in a box.

Take Selfies

This one sounds a bit weird. How is taking a selfie going to help you make money? I asked the same question until I discovered Pay Your Selfie, a company that offers to pay you for selfies in different locations. Do a run around your city, shoot some selfies and earn yourself a few dollars to re-invest or gain interests of.


There are billions of ways to make money. Some of them demand hard work, but with the massive development of internet the number of opportunities are growing. Making money can be done from your living room, effortlessly and completely free of charge. Having an internet connection will ease the money-making process by a lot. If you can’t afford the costs of having your own network, know that there are plenty of restaurants and public spots offering free Wi-Fi. Be creative, dare to think differently and start making money one step at a time. Don’t except to make big numbers in one day, but watch as your numbers are growing day by day.